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Alongside nurturing children in-house, Thárros Family Centre ensures that their transition back into the community is as smooth as possible. Reunification with biological family is first prize however in most instances, children are placed within foster care. Our focus is to equip foster parents with adequate nurturing skills that they may continue to give our children the best possible care. To achieve this, our field practitioners identify, assess, screen and train potential foster parents and continue to support them throughout the fostering journey.

Our services reach into our local schools as well. In Hankey there are 4 primary schools and one high school. Partnering with the schools and other organisations enables children to receive a wider range of support and access to a broader spectrum of creative and developmental programmes.

The four areas we partner and assist with are Reading Readiness, Homework Support, Dance and Drama, and Awareness Campaigns. Each of these programmes is accomplished through collaboration with other organisations or partnering with the schools themselves. Our emphasis is on Asset Based Community Development, seeking the strengths within our community, and joining hands to better the chances of a sustainable outcome.

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