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Partnership Opportunities

The impact of the Corona Virus pandemic, as well as the fire we experienced in September 2021 have caused us to stop and re-evaluate how we do what we do and where our main focus as a Non-Profit Organisation should be. We have expanded our vision to serve as Family Centre focusing on foster care in addition to a Child and Youth Care.

We believe in the value of collaboration and welcome partnering with others in investing and impacting the lives of those in our community. Our focus is children and families and we firmly follow an Asset-based Community Development approach (ABCD model).

Immediate Changes

At Thárros we have restructured our operational system to include the services of a Social Worker and qualified Child and Youth Care Practitioners.  These staff members provide therapeutic services to children placed in foster care and in-house at Thárros.

The overwhelming support received after our fire incident in September 2021 until now has enabled us to do some much needed renovations to our Home, and to serve as a hub in providing training and support services to families especially in the area of foster parenting.

Future Outlook

As an NPO directly involved in the protection of children, Thárros needs to be readily available for the almost certain aftermath of the effects of the Coronavirus on our communities. We have experienced a big drop in our regular donor pool due to the economic crisis on businesses and individuals, leaving us vulnerable in our ability to provide our much-needed services. We thus iterate that your support and assistance is imperative to our existence; we cherish whatever form of help you can provide.

Monthly stop orders allow us to work with certainty towards our goals.
R20 donations add up and assist with monthly expenses. R100 equals a vegetable pack.
R500 towards nappies and formula or R1000 towards a carer’s salary. Every bit counts.

Our daily needs

Make a difference by contributing any of the products on the list below:

Tinned Food
Baby Formula (Nido 1+ and Infacare)
Nappies (larger sizes 4+ and 5)

Your time

Giving of your time is so rewarding to both our children and to you. If you would like to share your time or professional services with us, please contact Taise or Michelle via email or mobile.

We would greatly appreciate the services of:

Play therapists
Occupational therapists
Retired teachers
Maintenance men / women

Sport for Lives

Woodridge College and Preparatory School has joined the initiative Sport for Lives and has pledged to sponsor us. To make your pledge please contact Cliff Reed on

Jumble Sale

Every month we hold a jumble sale to supplement our income. These are donated items that we either cannot use in our centre or that have specifically been given for this purpose.

Items needed:

Adult clothing

Thank you to our investors and partners!

We would like to thank our investors, partners and the local Hankey schools for their generous contributions, commitment and support. Contact us if you would like to get involved.

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